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On this website you will find tutorials and articles about several programming topics, and you will also find an explanation of the strength training program I use.

About Me

Hi, my name is Jimmy. I'm 29 years old, and I live in Knoxville TN. I work as a substance abuse counselor, and I'm a Computer Science student in my senior year at the University of Tennessee.

Programming, working out and reading are a few hobbies of mine. I also enjoy playing disc golf, spending time with my fiancé/family, and hanging out with our dogs.

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I use a strength training program called Wendler 531. The program is structured and simple to follow, and there are also ways to personalize your workouts. The reps and sets you do each week are based on a percentage of your max, and each week you do 4 main lifts plus some accessory lifts. The main lifts are bench press, deadlift, overhead press and squats. The accessory lifts are customizable, but in the book outlining the program, and in Wendler's article, he gives some suggestions for getting the most out of them. Each workout cycle is 1 month long, and after each cycle you increase your lower body max by 10 lbs and upper body max by 5 lbs. This leads to gradual, consistent progress.

If you want to learn more about Wendler's 531 strength training program, you can buy the book or read the free online article. I also made a page that keeps track of my current max, current week, and daily accessory lifts. There's a calculator on my page where you can input the week you're currently on, and your max weight for the exercise you're doing that day, and it will display the exact workout you need to do.

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